Stephanie Armagost

Success and Business Results Consultant

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I started working in an office when I was 15.  My first job was as an office assistant. I learned how to file, make copies, answer phones and type (on a typewriter!).  Then I moved up to payroll entry and bank reconciliations!


After college, I tried on careers such as High School Teacher and Professional Stage Manager, but office work was always what I returned to when I needed to make money.  Administrative and Accounting work came easily to me and every job I took seemed to need help in those areas. I would start working in a theatre and get roped into doing their books or helping them write their procedure manuals.


When I hit my 30s, I gave in and went with my strengths.  I enjoyed helping small companies grow and each job led to a promotion.  Working my way up from Payroll Clerk to earning my Masters in Business Administration and managing a full Accounting team, I’ve done it all when it comes to business. I wore the hats of Executive Assistant, Office Manager, Security Manager, Director of Finance, and Director of Program Control and helped multiple companies build and expand their businesses.


I enjoyed working in the Corporate world and running a department, but I missed the excitement of helping a small company grow.


So I started Familiar Thoughts.  Now I get to help solo-preneurs and small business owners take the next steps in growing their businesses.  

For fun, I enjoy practicing Reiki and working with the Universal Laws.  And I find that this benefits my clients as well!